Albrecht ATT 200 Mini wireless transceiver PMR446 (Walkie-Talkie) suitable for intercom in stores.

The Albrecht ATT 200 is very elegant, light and very small in dimensions of wireless transceiver PMR446 free use.
 Due to its very small dimensions, it is suitable for intercommunication in shops, stores, cafes, clubs but also for outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, cycling, climbing, etc.
It fits easily in an indoor / outdoor pocket and with the use of small handsfree headphones you can communicate with your hands free !!
It is very easy to use and works with 850 mAh rechargeable lithium batteries. The charging is done via a USB cable included in the package. The 8 channels PMR + 12 pre-programmed channels and the 40 CTCSS subtopics ensure clean and "private" communication without interference even in environments where similar machines work !!

The package includes a wireless Albrecht ATT200 wireless transceiver, ear-mounted silicone headset, wall-mounted USB charger, 800 mAh lithium battery, belt clips and instructions for use.

Suitable for intercom in warehouses, shops, cafes, clubs, restaurants or outdoor activities such as mountaineering, climbing, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, nature excursions, etc.

Packaging includes:
   1 Wireless transceiver
   1 Charger
   1 Hands-Free
    Instructions for use

The Albrecht ATT 200 does not have its own speaker and only works with the silicone headphones included in the package.

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